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Teen Wolf Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set
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Product Information of Teen Wolf Seasons 1-4 DVD

Name: Teen Wolf
Genre: Drama | Comedy | Horror
No. of Season: 1 2 3 4
Discs: 12 pcs
Series creator: Jeff Davis
Starring: Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes
Release Date: 2015
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Condition: New Box Set
Weight: 1.5 kg
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

Teen Wolf Seasons 1-4 Teen Wolf Seasons 1-4

Summary of Teen Wolf Seasons 1-4 DVD

In the series, there is a hierarchy in place that designates various stations under which werewolves are classified. The highest of these types is an Alpha werewolf. So far, the only two known ways for a Beta (werewolves with a pack) or Omega (werewolves without a pack) to achieve Alpha ranking is by killing another Alpha or being a True Alpha werewolf, which is only achieved by strength of character or sheer willpower. Also the show hints that there is a natural line of succession within packs. When Laura's family is killed, and her uncle incapacitated, she assumed the role of the Alpha werewolf within the Hale Pack. Alphas are also the only type of werewolf that can transform humans into werewolves with their Bite, but the transformation is not always successful as humans could also die from the Bite. Alpha werewolves are able to transform to a greater degree than Beta and Omega werewolves, such that they can become hulking wolf-men or fully formed canine wolves depending on their experience or physiology. Alpha werewolves' eyes glow red when agitated or in their transformed state.

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